Steve, on a society of consumption


Since these days science and society admits no limits, so in Italy you can buy boxes that contain matches, each box displays a reproduction of a renaissance painting. Each matchstick however has an advertisement for the museum that contains the painting printed on the stem.

Shortly after the boxes of matches came on the market a company issued a set of coffee cups which had matching images of the renaissance paintings, almost immediately these became the fashionable cups to drink from in a number of cafes in Florence and Rome. Shortly after this on a catwalk show in Milan – the Bazaar des Pommes (I think it was ) models were paraded with coffee cups functioning as rather rigid bras, after this XXXX began selling bras with clip on supports from which you can eat breakfast in a rather suggestive fashion, though eating muesli from the swaying brassiere is not an experience that many repeat.

It is a great shame that nobody has invented a different use for muesli, which can threaten those who like it with such melancholia. It is in this way that the dialectical chains of happiness are sundered and instead replaced by the delights of shopping rather than enjoying the sunny afternoon for itself.

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Steve de Vos - London 02/13/98