A Portrait of Steve - A Hypertextual Novel

You have entered into the website of the hypertext novel of Steve deVos.

This novel like all novels is really many books and as such can be read in many different ways. The main structure of the book is in the form of a hypertext. You begin at the top and follow one of the paths down through the book to the end. At the end of each section there are a number of links that will take you down different paths to the next sections. The novel also contains some optional parts which are not central to the book. The central core of the book consists of the sections from this side whilst the optional sections are those from the other side.

The hypertext form of the book begins with the two links listed below.

Steve Goes Shopping
Steve: Patriotism
Back to Outwork 1

The traditional form of the book is listed below, if you wish you can read the book in this short form. Note that there are some expendable chapters which are not listed below.

From This Side

Steve Goes Shopping
Steve: Patriotism
Steve, patriotism (2) - a soliloquy
Steve: the uncertainties of music (1)
Steve: the uncertainties of music (2)
Steve, his anthropomorphism
Steve and his Email
Steve, nature (2)
Steve, travels from work
Steve, talks to some salesmen
Steve - adventures in Bupaland
Steve - mortality
Steve - ways of being a prisoner
Steve - modesty
Steve, on a society of consumption
Steve, Friends (1)
Steve, his battles with management
Steve, red shoes in the square
Steve, Hospital Visits
Steve, Dreamworks
Steve, the uncertainties of music (111)

From the other side....

Eight Days....
Birthdays and Cakes
Personal Computing

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